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a puppet epic.

I like to think it was made by genius 5 year olds. Or maybe the inner 5 year old genius… who knows, it’s ridiculous, it’s cute, it’s filled with adventure and literal lyric interpretations and was undeniably fun to make.

Almost everything you see in the clip is made out of recycled goods from round the house, in the shed, off the street, out of skips and plenty was acquired from second hand stores (apologies to the stuffed animals that were harmed in the making of this production).

Don Brooker – DIY design master- made the fantastic puppets (Dan, the Ghost + the Pirate) . The puppeteering team was lead by the immensely talented Heath McIvor who importantly helped physically plan out how my ideas could be realized. This was no small task!

It couldn’t have been made without all 15 people who were involved in the making of this video. Thanks to you!

Made in Melbourne, Australia. 2009

oh and for the record these are not finger puppets – the Dan Deacon puppet is almost 2 feet tall!
…more video treats to come soon!