New Darren Hanlon Video for ‘All These Things’ is out!

Here is the 4th Music Video I have made for Darren Hanlon. Once again it was a last minute affair, making it in about 10 days…Would have liked a month but it wasn’t to be! And well, really, I didn’t have that much time spare if we did have a month anyway!
We had an enthusiastic team of 17 working on it as it was quite complicated yet simplistic (we like to be tricky even when it seems there isn’t the time to be). Thank you to the team who worked repetitively and tirelessly to get it right.
It’s for a song titled All These Things which is the first single (out now) off his new album “I Will Love You At All” (out soon).

Space - all these things
Elvis - all these things
forest dance - all these things