Persecution Blues DVD

The DVD is out through Madman on March 7. You can pre order copies from here now.

★★★★ “Raw, and at times emotional…Rockin’. ” – EMPIRE

“Impassioned and revealing, this ends up a stirring affirmation of live music and community spirit.” – FILM INK

Punk, passion, politics and public protest collide, in this documentary depicting the fight to save rock and roll in Melbourne.

In 2010, the iconic Tote Hotel – last bastion of Melbourne’s vibrant music counterculture – was forced to close by unfair laws. Filmed over 7 years, “Persecution Blues” depicts the struggle of more than 20,000 fans – and the bands who inspire them – to preserve their history and protect their future, and puts the audience on the front line of an epic-scale culture war.
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