Sherbert Rozencrantz, You’re Beautiful

Milly’s world revolves around her pet guinea pig. When her mother attempts to engineer for her a ‘real’ friend, it results in ridicule and forces Milly to question her sense of self.

Written and Directed by Natalie van den Dungen / Produced by Nicole Coventry

Set in suburban Sydney in 1987, Sherbert Rozencrantz, You’re Beautiful takes us inside the everyday life of Milly, a 10 year old girl whose only friend is her pet guinea pig Sherbert. Happy with her own company, Milly doesn’t fit in to the popular crowd and isn’t prepared to give up what she loves in order to conform to the norm. Her cousin Kylie represents the more judgemental and knowledgable older girl, whilst Olivia, the new friend Milly discovers, also has her own special interest, and is different to the other girls which is what Milly relates to.

Sherbert Rozencrantz, You’re Beautiful is a family film about conviction. It’s about following your passions regardless of what others think and the importance of true female friendship. The film is ultimately about finding your tribe, that place you belong despite not feeling like you fit in to the ordinary, everyday world. These are concerns that everyone has, but can be especially challenging for young girls navigating the majority rules presented so pervasively in contemporary society, particularly through social media.



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