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Here’s a little write up…

Brisbane singer/songwriter Darren Hanlon has long been known for his intimate, anecdotal approach to songwriting, and his new video visualises the sitting-around-the-fire-at-school-camp feeling encompassed in his songs…by placing him on an school auditorium stage, in front of a (fake) camp fire.

Hanlon made the video for the song All These Things (from his yet-to-be-released fifth album “I Will Love You At All”) with the help of frequent collaborator and occasional tour manager, director Natalie van den Dungen. van den Dungen was also responsible for the videos for Hanlon’s tracks Electric Skeleton, Fingertips + Mountaintops and Elbows, as well as his electronic press kit.

None of those possess half the charm of this latest video, which features rose petals, sparklers, earmuffs, gold glitter dinner jackets, fake snow and synchronised amateur tap-dancing. From the cardboard piano to the solar system stage backdrop, the whole thing reeks of whimsy. And if there’s one thing we can’t afford to deny ourselves, it’s a little bit of whimsy on a Monday morning.