"Natalie van den Dungen is a film festival pro by now. She’s had films screened at over 100 festivals worldwide. On top of her award-winning shorts, she’s also crafted short docs, music videos and TV spots. What’s most amazing? When you see all her work side by side, both commerical and personal, it all feels of one piece. 
This latest short could be seen as a companion piece of sorts to her extremely popular short, Bunny New Girl. Both feature child protagonists. Both have a special quirk and charm. But Sherbert Rozencrantz shows a director looking to up her game. This time there’s higher stakes, a larger cinematic world to explore and a heightened 80s aesthetic that offers film lovers a nice mix between Wes Anderson and a Stranger Things episode."

ADG Gives Female Directors a Boost - Screen Australia News 2017

Meet the Bunny New Girl - Screen Anarchy 2017

Life after Death Sydney Morning Herald 2011
A hit at this year's MIFF, the Tote documentary will screen for a whole new audience.

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