Natalie is an innovative filmmaker renowned for her ability to craft compelling narratives that blend humor and heartfelt emotion. With a diverse background in directing documentaries, music videos, and short films, she excels at eliciting natural, poignant performances from her actors. Collaborating with Australia's top talents like Yael Stone, Magda Szubanski, Barry Otto, Susan Prior and puppeteer Heath McIvor, Natalie's work has garnered international acclaim.
Her short film Bunny New Girl screened at over 100 festivals internationally, winning 15 awards including Best Family Film at the 2016 San Francisco International Film Festival, accumulating 45 million views on YouTube, while short film Sherbert Rozencrantz, You’re Beautiful screened at over 50 festivals and won several awards, including Best Australian Film at the Heart of Gold Film Festival. Natalie's directorial talents extend to feature documentary Persecution Blues: The Battle for The Tote, an impassioned film capturing the last days of a beloved Melbourne music institution. 
Continually pushing creative boundaries, Natalie has directed over 40 music videos for renowned artists like Bernard Fanning, Darren Hanlon and Seeker Lover Keeper and online series Soundtrack To Our Lives. Notably, she directed the children’s ABC TV series The Listies - Work for Peanuts and comedy specials for Randy Feltface: “The Book of Randicus” and most recently "Feltopia" which was filmed at the iconic Palais Theatre. With each project, Natalie captivates audiences with her boundless creativity and commitment to storytelling.