It’s 1987 and 10 year old Milly’s world revolves around her pet guinea pig Sherbert. When her mother attempts to engineer for her a ‘real’ friend, it results in ridicule and forces Milly to question her sense of self.
Cast: Susan Prior, Peter Fenton, Molly Williams, Cassidy Bonnor, Joshua Skelly
Writer/Director – Natalie van den Dungen
Producer – Nicole Coventry
Cinematographer – Tania Lambert
Production/Costume Designer – Alicia Clements
Editor – Matthew Walker
Colourist – Matt Fezz
Sound Designer – Luke Mynott
Composer – Donny Benét
EP's – Cecelia Ritchie & Polly Staniford - Aquarius Films
Funded by Create NSW + Indie Go Go crowdfunding
Best Film – Brooklyn Women's Film Festival 2018
Best Family Film – Traverse City Film Festival 2018
Best Australian Film – Heart of Gold International Film Festival
Best Film – Kids Choice at BAMKIDS 2019
Best Short Film – GUKI 2019
People's Choice - Scone Film Festival 2019
Official Selection 2018/2019: 
Reel Shorts
Palm Springs ShortFest 2018
Brooklyn Women's Film Festival
Umbria Film Festival 
Traverse City Film Festival
Irish Film Insitute - Family Fest
One Reel Film Festival - Bumbershoot
Dytiatko International Children’s Television Festival
Carrousel international du film de Rimouski
ZERO PLUS International Children's and Youth Film Fest
Heart of Gold International Short Film Festival 
Mill Valley Film Festival
Sharjah International Children's Film Festival
Citizen Jane Film Festival 
Yoni Fest (LA)
Kuki Film Festival (Berlin)

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